This is from the original series, “What the Performing Arts Mean to Me,” where I asked students why they love theater, music, and dance and why it’s important in our society.  Up first, we have the lovely Madison Hamilton, who blew me away with her eloquence on why she loves to act, sing, and dance.  Not only is this girl a major talent with a killer pop voice, but she is also one of the most eloquently spoken kids I’ve ever met!  – Mizz KT, Owner of Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio


There’s nothing more nerve wracking than getting on a stage and singing in front of, who knows, hundreds of people!  But somehow it’s one of the best feelings in the world!  Everything is silent, and you are the star. Just thinking about who is in the audience gives me chills.   Your future director could be sitting in the front row.


My favorite part of acting is getting to play a character that’s the complete opposite of yourself.  Even the nicest person could play an evil villain.  The feeling of being someone else is unexplainable.  You feel like you really are that character.  You connect to them and really feel what they are feeling.


Dance makes you feel free and alive.  You can really express yourself.  My personal favorite is hip hop, because you can be your crazy self and forget about being graceful!  Unless, of course, you are graceful.


Overall, Musical Theater has changed my life forever!


-Madison Hamilton, 5th Grade