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A prayer before our First Spring Showcase

Setting the Stage Performing Arts Studio is part of Setting the Stage Productions, which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to mold the next generation of storytellers who will use their gifts in the performing arts to better our community.

We are one part a performing arts studio who teaches dance, music, theater, and creative writing with a storyteller’s curriculum, and another part an educational entertainment company who creates live and filmed content for the quirky classroom and family.  For more information on our educational entertainment company, please visit!


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Check out our awesome news segment from News Channel 2!  Our Review Crew, doing what they do best- bringing joy, love
and music to those who need it most:


 Why a Storyteller’s Curriculum?

Even Psychologists know the importance of storytelling. In Phycology Today’s piece on storytelling, they say that stories have always been a primal form of communication. And that stories are about collaboration and connection. “They show how we think and how we make meaning of life. Stories provide order, and stories are how we are wired. Lastly, stories are the pathway to engaging our right brain and triggering our imagination. By engaging our imagination, we become participants in the narrative. We can step out of our own shoes, see differently, and increase our empathy for others. Through imagination, we tap into creativity that is the foundation of innovation, self-discovery, and change.”-

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