Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the proper attire for each class?

Combo Ballet/Tap/Jazz Dance Classes Pre-K- 5th grade

Girl students must wear a leotard and tights (skirts and colors are optional), with the correct footwear.  Boys must wear tighter fitting pants/shorts and shirts, with the correct footwear.  Actual ballet slippers, tap shoes, and jazz shoes MUST be worn.  Proper footwear is to ensure both the dancer’s safety and to improve his/her educational experience.

Advanced Contemporary Ballet 

Students must wear comfortable but form-fitting dance clothing.  For girls, either a leotard and tights or tight dance pants with a  tight fitting dance shirt, and boys must wear tighter fitting pants/shorts and shirts, with the correct footwear.  Ballet slippers or half soles can be worn, but bare feet are also acceptable.

Advanced Tap/Jazz Dance

Students must wear comfortable but form fitting dance clothing.  For girls, either a leotard and tights or tight dance pants with a tight fitting dance shirt.  Boys must wear more form fitting pants/shorts and shirts, with the correct footwear.  Tap and jazz shoes MUST be worn.  Proper footwear is to ensure both the dancer’s safety and to improve his/her educational experience.

Hip Hop, Beginner and Advanced

Students must wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, in which they can move.  Girls should not wear skirts, even if they have shorts underneath.  Dance shoes should be sneakers with a firm and flat sole in the style of Converse sneakers or Keds (actual brand name is not required).  Please do not wear running shoes as they have too much traction.  Proper footwear is to ensure both the dancer’s safety and to improve his/her educational experience.

Musical Theater Review and Creator’s Studio

Students must wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, in which they can move, and comfortable, close-toed footwear, in which they can dance and move.  Dance shoes are recommended but not required.

2. What if we need to withdraw from classes?

Our primary session follows the standard school year, September through May.  If removal of your child from their enrolled class is necessary, we do ask for a 30 day written notice.  Because of our limited class sizes, if a 30 day notice is not provided, you are responsible for 30 days of class tuition from your removal date.

3. Will there be a recital?

Yes!  We will most certainly have an end of the year recital in May.  All students are recomended but not required to participate, but the student will get more out of the school year if he/she participates in the recital.

4. What are the fees involved with Setting the Stage Studios?

    1. A non-refundable $25 per student registration fee that goes towards your September tuition.

    2. Your tuition each month, due on the 1st of each month.  $60 each for the first two hours of class, $50 for all remaining hours, and a %10 discount for siblings with lesser hours.

    3. A recital fee to pay for renting the theater, $50 per student.

5. How can I pay?

 Currently, we accept cash and check.  We are working on getting a credit card system in place, and we appreciate your patience while we establish this system.

6. Does your studio give refunds for missed classes?

We do not, but please talk with your instructor and we will see if we can put your dancer in a class of equal or lesser difficulty to make up the class.

7. Do you cancel classes on in climate weather days?

Sadly, there are days when no one can get out of his or her house, and for the safety of our students and our faculty, we must cancel class.  We will email everyone in that class, that morning, to let families know if classes are cancelled that day.  Make up classes will be determined on a case by case basis.

8. Do I have to stay in the waiting room?

Although we do recommend that a guardian stays in the unlikely case of an emergency, we do not require that you stay in the waiting room for the duration of class.

9. Is there a discount for parents wanting to work out in Quest-Fit’s facilities?

Yes!  Please email settingthestagestudio@gmail.com for more information.

10. Can I watch my child’s class?

Although you are free to watch your child’s class, we find that it is more beneficial to the student and the class as a whole, if parents are not present in the studio to distract. We thank you for your understanding in this matter. We will have times where the  parents can come in the last 15 minutes of class, to see what we have learned.

11. Is there a competition team?

No, we are not a competition studio and do not ever plan to be one.  We wish to focus on performance and sharing our gifts with the community.  We do have a performing musical theater troupe that will be singing, dancing, and acting their way into people’s hearts all around the Nashville community in live productions.

12. Will there be a parent/child dance at the recital?

OF COURSE!  Parent/child dances are the stuff of dreams, and we are excited to take part this year. We will have a father/child dance and a mother/child dance, depending on the interest.

13. Do you offer private lessons?
(Dance, Acting, Singing, Keyboarding/ Music Theory for the Singer)

Yes, we do.  Times offered and prices vary.  Please call (615) 348-7877 or email info@settingthestagenashville.com for more information.

14. Does your studio give birthday parties?

Yes indeedy do!  Please call (615) 348-7877 or email info@settingthestagenashville.com for rates and themes.

Any other questions, please feel free to call us at (615) 348-7877 or email us at info@settingthestagestudionashville.com